From Diospi Suyana – Power in the Name of Jesus Christ

Anne-Charlotte Ronqvist from Finland

Anne-Charlotte Ronqvist from Finland

The Diospi Suyana website has a post up regarding a distant experience of one of the nurses at the hospital.  From what I have heard, Curahuasi is not a dangerous town, but there are always exceptional experiences.  I am thankful for the faith that she shares in our God who is with us always.

Anna-Charlotta from Finland is Head of Nursing at Diospi Suyana Hospital. In yesterday’s devotional time she shared with us about her life.  It was in August last year when she was on her way home. Dusk had just set in. As Anna was on her way to Curahuasi, walking through a dark and narrow pass that runs parallel to the “Panamericana” highway, she suddenly saw herself attacked by a young man. The stranger grabbed her by her clothes and threatened her at knifepoint.   As a devout Christian, Anna-Charlotta Rönqvist strongly believes in the special power to be found in the name of Jesus Christ. With great presence of mind she shouted at him “Leave me alone! In the name of Jesus Christ: get on your way!” The attacker backed off immediately and disappeared.  “As Christians there is no need for us to be afraid. God is with us. I’ve experienced that!”  Anna-Charlotta talked with great conviction about putting faith into practice. Who knows – perhaps the perpetrator was actually sitting in the crowd listening to her yesterday. At Disopi Suyana everything is possible.

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