A Day in the Life . . .

0545 – Alarm goes off, Mom and Dad get up (usually Mom first as Dad struggles)

0615 – Making lunches for school, giving breakfast to everyone (Mom and Dad eat standing up in the kitchen as the kids enjoy breakfast at the table)

0645 – Start the push to be fully dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, lunches in backpacks by 0700.  If it is not done by 0700 then no electronics for the day. (Consequences seem to work better than rewards in regards to this effort.)

0700 – Meet in the living room for a small family devotional.  Usually Annie is doing some gymnastics, Sarah is trying to read a kid’s book, David is tackling people, Peter is doing something unusual.  By 0705 we have brought some focus.

0715 – Put on backpacks, last minute issues addressed and out the door to school.

0730 – Mom, Peter, Annie, Sarah start school at ILE.  Dad and David start school at home.

0930 – Mom and Dad switch places.  Will goes to Gramatica, and Allison starts school at home with David.

1205 – Will returns home and eats lunch very quickly with Allison and David.

1230 – Will returns to school for more tutoring (He needs all the help he can get!)  Generally David finishes his homeschooling around this time.  I think he is glad to finish a bit earlier than his brothers and sisters, but I also think he is surprised at how hard his parents push him during the school day.

1300 – Allison picks up Sarah from school.  Sarah is in kindergarten.  The first half of her day is in English, and the latter half of her school day is in Spanish.  She has really picked up a lot of Spanish, and although she does not use it in conversation it appears that she can understand a lot of what is said.  It is hard to figure out sometimes with a 5 year old.

1330 – Will finishes his tutoring.

1430 – Pick up Annie and Peter from school.  Usually Mom or Dad have taken a snack because after school activities start at 1445 with gymnastics for Annie and Sarah, and Spanish Club for Peter and David on Monday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday and Thursday David has Soccer at 1545.  Peter also takes Piano lessons on Tuesdays in the afternoon.

1545 – Allison leads a Zumba class in the school chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

1700 – All after school activities are completed.  Start preparing dinner!  Actually dinner prep has usually started sometime in the afternoon.

1745 – Eat dinner.

1815 – Do dishes.  The kids hate this part (that may be a strong word), but without a dishwasher this is more of a family effort.  Usually the kids dry dishes and clear the table while Mom and Dad wash dishes and sweep the dining area, and clean the kitchen.

1845 – Start getting the kids through the showers.  This is a bit trickier because the shower is upstairs, but if any water is on downstairs there is no pressure upstairs.  So all water has to be turned off except for the shower to have the amount of pressure needed to actually get clean.

1930 – The girls go to bed.  The boys read in their bedroom (theoretically this is what they are supposed to be doing).  The parents can see that the end may be in sight.

2000 – Try (emphasis on try) to get the boys to brush their teeth, finish up their reading, and go to bed.  Usually this is accomplished more or less by 2030.

2030 – Hopefully everyone is in bed.  Time for Mom and Dad to finish straightening everything up and get to work on their homework from school.

2200 – Finish homework and get ready for bed.  Catch up on the days activities.

Throw into this schedule doing laundry, helping kids with homework, finding time to just be family without worrying about things that need to be done, cleaning the house, and then you have a pretty good idea of what our day is like.  It is surprisingly similar to a day in the states, except that Will is not gone for 10 hours everyday at the hospital so that we can tag team on the daily responsibilities a bit more.  I hope this gives you a nice glimpse of what our day is like, and I hope you see that in many ways our days are very similar to yours.

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life . . .

  1. How I wish I could be there for Allie’s Zumba class so I could show the world the divergent effects of Latin rhythms upon the Smith children.


  2. What a fun full day! I too would LOVE to see the effect of Latin rhythms on the Smith children! I am imagining them all right now with their own unique interpretations! Love you guys! Are you going to be there all summer? And by the way… It does sound like David is a good kid! 🙂


    • Jana, Thanks for reading. We are in Costa Rica until August. Then we will be home for a couple weeks as we pack up some cooler weather clothes for Peru and work on visa paperwork. We are hoping to make a visit down to Corpus Christi during that time! So God willing we will see all of you then.


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