Our neighborhood

We live in San Francisco de Dos Rios which is a middle class suburb to the southeast of downtown San Jose.  It does not have the same feel of neighborhoods in the Dallas, our hometown, yet it is nice in many ways once you get used to the barred fences, the dog poop on the sidewalks, the razor wire, and the noise.  Our neighborhood is like many middle class neighborhoods in the US in that we don’t really know many of our neighbors well.  That is partly because of the language barrier, but also partly because everyone seems to be working pretty hard and for pretty long hours.  So people are home in the evening, but it is after we have usually called it a day.  Plus without the benefit of front yards or porches, the only place to be is on the three to four feet of sidewalk before you are in the street.  Since cars tend to speed through the neighborhoods ignoring stop signs and usually pedestrians, it is better to not be in the street.

Our house - its not the green one in front, but the blue one in the back.

Our house – its not the green one in front, but the blue one in the back.

Can you see our house?  It is the slight hint of blue you see behind the green house.  The gate on the right is our front gate.  I think it is a blessing to be tucked away in the back, because we do not get the full force of the street noise, so things are a bit more peaceful.  We have a long driveway from the gate to our front door.  Everytime the kids run down our driveway toward the gate I am totally expecting them to fall and break an arm. Continue reading

Help Needed! Our home visit.

This is not an emergency, and God will provide, but we are coming home for just a few weeks in August and early September.  You may be aware that missionaries will often come home for a few months or for a year for a “home assignment” or for a “furlough”.  We are coming home for neither of those two things.  We will be in Dallas for only a few weeks as we look to pack up a few things that we did not bring to Costa Rica, but that we will need in Peru.  We will be working on visa paperwork and trying to see family and friends.  Unfortunately we will not be able to see everyone during this trip, no matter how much we want to (and we really do want to see everyone that remembers us, prays for us, and supports us in any way).  Where the need comes in is that it would be so helpful to have a car for those couple weeks that can carry a family of 6 around.  As we make some trips from Dallas to surrounding cities, we are going to need a car.  So if you have one you can share, and you are willing, please share with us.  If not please pray with us that we will be able to find one to borrow.  Also please pray that we will use this time wisely.  This is the only time that we will likely be home for the next couple years, and we want to make the most of the time we have in the states.

Blackberry Cobbler by Will

We love cobbler!

We love cobbler!

I use this recipe almost every other week here in Costa Rica.  I am not sure where I got this recipe (the internet or the Southern Living cookbook), but I did not create it in case there are any proprietary claims to the following.  It is easy and delicious! Continue reading

A post from a year ago.

Dr. John wrote this quick note to me about one year ago, so the numbers have changed.  But I like rereading it, and I thought it might be nice to post it again so others can see what God is doing in Peru through Diospi Suyana Hospital.

Dear Will,

We train nurses and a few national residents. We help 400 children every week to come closer to Christ. And in fact the existence of the mission hospital is to thousands of Peruvians proof that God loves them. Over the past 4 ½ years we have celebrated 1,200 church services. Every day at least a 100 new people enter the hospital for the first time. That means that so far 120,000 different people have been exposed to the gospel at our hospital during the first 4 ½ years only.

In June we will be starting the school project. The school could touch thousands of lives with the good news of Christ as well.


David Diagnosis

Last night we went to the doctor to discuss David’s problems with headaches and seizure-like activity.  I was quite nervous, and I was surprised about how much tension I felt going into this appointment.  I was mostly concerned about what the MRI might demonstrate, and what bad news it could show.  Despite my belief that this was probably a basilar type migraine, I could still imagine the possibility that there might be a tumor.  Thanks be to God that the MRI was normal without any findings of a mass or any evidence of a vascular abnormality.  Unfortunately the EEG did not come back normal, and it appears David has a focus of irregular electrical activity in the temporal occipital region of the brain on the left side.  What this means is that David has a seizure disorder.  She explained that there is often a lot of difficulty determining between basilar migraines and these unusual seizures, and as I have read on them it is true that the symptoms overlap.  We are glad to have a diagnosis even if it is not one that we wanted; I think I still am in the stage of denial in regard to all of this expecting him to completely normal and health tomorrow.  However, despite my feelings of denial, we are starting the medication to prevent further seizures.  We also take hope in the knowledge that often kids outgrow these type of seizures.  It has been a hard week and weekend, and I think we are all glad that the doctor appointments are over for at least a month (God willing).  Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray that David will be well, that his body will tolerate the medication without any side effects, and that our daily lives will return to some form of normal (although as all of you know when you have kids, normal is never really normal).  By the way David has been doing great, and he is taking everything really well.  I have been consistently impressed by his emotional, mental, and physical toughness throughout all of this.  He has been a champ!

Central American Games

Excited to watch Costa Rica win!  Unfortunately the lost.

Excited to watch Costa Rica win! Unfortunately they lost.

We were fortunate to be able to attend a baseball game during Central American games this weekend.  One of the doctors who has been a big help to us told us that Costa Rica was playing at 10 AM on Saturday morning.  When we realized it was just a short bus ride from our house we decided it was worth making the effort to attend.  It a fun for most of us, although the younger kids got tired after a few innings.  It is a different experience in many ways from a MLB game.  (More pictures after the link) Continue reading