What does Easter mean to you?


I thought I might interview the kids regarding Easter.  I wanted just their most basic thoughts.  Annie gave me a good effort, but the rest were a little less into it.

David – I know this is probably wrong, because Jesus died and rose again, but usually candy comes to my mind first.  He died and rose again for our sins, we did not deserve his grace.

Annie – I just want to say what the disciples probably thought on Saturday.  They probably thought that “We have been Jesus’ disciples for three years, and this is the end of it?”  That is probably what they thought.  I think they felt sad when he died.  I think they felt surprised and happy when he rose from the dead.  It means a lot to me that Jesus was dying for our sins.

Sarah – Easter means to me that it is fun.  It is because Jesus died on the cross.  Its because Jesus rose on that day.

Peter – Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins.  And people sometimes celebrate it with bunnies and eggs and candy.  And also, umhh, Jesus rose from the dead.  Signing off.

I am so thankful for what Jesus has done for us.  As I have become older and wiser, recognizing more and more how depraved I am, the gift of complete forgiveness, and the righteousness given to us through Jesus sacrifice, his suffering, his death, burial, and resurrection, all these things carry more and more significance in my life.  And my thankfulness increases.  I fail continually, yet I walk around forgiven and righteous in the eyes of God.  What a great gift, and what a great thing to celebrate.

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