Parque Copa

Following are pictures of our favorite park, Parque Copa.  This park is about a five minute walk from our house, and on the weekends it is always full of both Ticos (Costa Ricans) and gringos.  On Friday afternoons I will play ultimate Frisbee with some of the guys from school.  The kids play soccer, or war, or other imaginary games.  There is a nice playground with swings, climbing structures, etc.  However if you look closely at the first picture (you can click on it to make it bigger) you will see trees and a strongly sloped hill leading up to the fence.  That is our kids favorite area to play, climbing trees, swinging sticks.  I love the park, and I love that there are people there so often, and I love that the weather allows us to be there most of the year.

Looking east.

Looking east.  Click on a picture for a better view.

Looking west

Looking west.  Click on the picture for a better view.


Family time

Family time

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