Go Small

Think you’re doing everyone a favor by doing the very best, biggest, and most beautiful job you can on everything you’re involved in?  I’d like to challenge you to think again.

I have been doing a little bit of advocating at the school: gathering information, brainstorming, reporting, trying to think outside the box, having meetings.  I was waiting outside an office on Friday and a friend came to talk.  I was laughing, saying that this kind of thing is not really my personality, but that God is helping me to learn how to lead and shake things up.  I believe I will need it next year.

My friend, Krista, who serves as the school social events coordinator, said that her husband was surprised that she was willing to plan events because that had never been her thing either.  She has done a fantastic job, though, and all the parties have been fun and well organized.  Krista mentioned that she had done some simple decorations for the Valentine’s party and everyone was so complimentary.  She said, “I was always so intimidated back home by everyone’s super creative ideas and big projects.”

We laughed that there aren’t many of us, so we all have to pitch in, that we are all appreciative of the efforts our classmates make, and that we are easy to please in our present circumstances.

These things are true, but it also made me think: maybe there is a value in going small.  If you do a project with love and attention to serving people, that may be all that is needed.  You don’t need to make your school auction the act that no one can follow, your kid’s birthday party the most fun activity that any kid has ever been to, your son’s rehearsal dinner the absolute high point of his life.  Doing things a bit smaller leaves room for others to help, for others to take over when you are no longer in charge, allows us to appreciate small pleasures.  I think it helps people feel blessed by something instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.

If you can’t find a place to serve with your own less-than-astounding abilities, try going smaller with your place of service too– serve at a nursing home, in a poor part of town, in a small, struggling church, and I guarantee you’ll be appreciated.  I believe you’ll be stretched and you just may find a talent you never knew you had.  This post is just a little suggestion from someone who is learning to go small.

6 thoughts on “Go Small

  1. Wow Allison! Thanks for sharing! That wasn’t preachy at all…it was encouraging! Thanks for all you do at the school that no one notices! I have noticed and I appreciate it!


    • Krista, this is Will. Thanks for reading. Allison always puts the better posts on our blog. We both have been impressed by your service (and Richards) to the students at school. It is an example to all of us.


  2. I think this was wonderful and so needed in so many areas. I have always believed to do small tasks in a noble way is much more of a blessing to so many. Also others can feel like they can “come along” and be part of it instead of intimidated by it! Loved these thoughts- right up my alley! Blessings to you all!


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  4. Love this. I have a framed picture of an acorn with the words “be small” under it. It’s a constant reminder to be small and let God do the growing and turn the small things in my life to be the great things in others. Thanks for sharing.


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