From the Diospi Suyana Website.


Dr. Kirsten Sayson, her husband Ryan and their children Noah and Ocean.

Dr. Kirsten  Sayson is an internist who is planning to work at the Diospi Suyana hospital for two year. She and her husband Ryan, a computer specialist, have three children: Noah, Ocean and Ezra Emmanuel. The family of five will arrive in Curahuasi this June. And, in case you were wondering why there are only two children in the photo to the left: Ezra was not yet born when the photo was taken.


The Caire Family: Dr. Will, his wife Allison, and their children David, Annie, Peter and Sarah.

General practitioner Dr. Will Caire and his wife Allison might potentially be staying and working at Diospi Suyana for many years.  Allison is a teacher and interested in helping at the Colegio Diospi Suyana. The Caires are currently living in Costa Rica, where they are learning Spanish at a language school. We are hoping the Claires family will move to Curahuasi in September.

Dr. John Washburn, his wife Crystal and their children Caleb and Hannah.

Dr. John Washburn visited the Peruvian Andes in 2003, and witnessing the poor living conditions and general plight of the Quechuas affected him deeply. He decided to one day return to Peru to work at a hospital. The day of his return is near: at the end of this year, the general practitioner will join the Diospi Suyana team.  His wife Crystal is a photographer and will support the Diospi Suyana public relations team. The Washburns are planning on staying in Curahuasi for three years

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