Three Crosses


A few weeks ago David and I took a hike to the three crosses up on the mountains outside of San Jose.  We met at the bus stop at 5:30 in the morning and took the bus to the beginning of the hike on the outskirts of the city.  In this picture you can see some of our friends who went on the hike with us. We are at the first of the three crosses, and San Jose is filling the valley in the background.  The walk was challenging.  We tracked the mileage, and it was over 12 miles total that we walked during the day.  The first five to six miles are uphill, and the grade was not gentle.  I was feeling my age and lack of exercise.  David did great and generally walked toward the front of the line.  He did not complain at all during the entire hike, and I was very proud of his effort.  The next morning when I got up, I asked David if he was sore (because I was).  He looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about and said “No.”  I can sort of remember what it was like to be young and to never be sore.  Bruce Crawford was our guide, and we really appreciate his leadership on this hike. Continue reading

An interview with David

What was your favorite part of Christmas?  I got what I asked for.  Grammy came for a visit.

What is your favorite sport?  Fútbol

What is your favorite team?  Deportivo Saprissa

What do you like about living in Costa Rica?  It is better than the United States.  There are fun things to do.  There are cool beaches and animals.  I get to play with friends at the park a lot, almost every other day.  I love the food.  My favorite Tico foods are empanadas and arroz con pollo.

What do you wish your friends knew about Costa Rica?  How much they would love soccer and how fun it is to play it.

What do you like the least about living here?  I don’t want to say anything bad about it.  It is a little bit dirty.  I don’t like being away from family and friends.

Any last things you want people to know?  Costa Rica is great, and I am glad I am living here.

ImageDavid and Peter wearing the jerseys of their favorite soccer clubs.ImageDavid and Peter at Estadio Nacional for a Saprissa game.  Kids get in free to many big games.



A Glimpse Of The Not Too Distant Future


Please read the following from the Diospi Suyana website.  I am glad we are going to a place where the people dream big!


A Glimpse Of The Not Too Distant Future.


Radio Diospi Suyana

The church is full. And since I didn’t get a seat, I am standing near the entrance in the back. There must be about 180 patients, their families and staffers at the service. Over the last five years and two months, more than 200,000 people have attended our 1,400 services.

As I am standing in the back of the church, my mind starts to wander. What if we had our own radio station, Radio Diospi Suyana, and could broadcast the service all over Southern Peru? More people would hear the message of faith, hope and love in one than over the past five years.

To get to Curahuasi, our patients travel many hours, some even days. They usually set out on their stressful journeys in the hope to see an internist, a gynecologist or physical therapist. But sometimes all this time spent on a bus or truck is in vain as the doctor they wanted to see is not available. If we had a radio station, however, we could make daily announcements of which services the hospital offers on a given day.

The possibilities of “Radio Diospi Suyana” are tremendous. Day in and day out, radios are playing in thousands of Quechua homes. None of these adobe houses have internet access but they all have a small radio.

I am still in my thoughts as the last hymn starts. Time to stop day dreaming and time to get back to work, I remind myself. /KDJ

What I learned in four months of language school besides Spanish

1.  Generous amounts of vanilla and cinnamon are welcome additions to almost any baked good.

2. The simple fact of not owning a car lowers a person quite a bit and makes them able to sympathize with and understand a whole new world of people.

3.  The body of Christ works in marvelous ways to support its members.

4.  When people are away from home and family, in a stressful situation, and love the Lord together, bonding is pretty easy. Continue reading