Kid’s Club

A Nice Post from the Diospi Suyana Website regarding Kid’s Clubs

The first kids arrive 20 minutes early. They are excited – their club meeting at the Children’s House of Diospi Suyana will start soon. Week after week, about 400 kids gather, diveded into 11 groups, to experience and participate in a wide variety of activities.  When the door finally opens, 48 children pour inside the buidling, where Claudia Nickel, Carolin Klett, Sabine Oswald and Martina John help them enter a world full of imagination. 90 minutes of attention and love. It does’t come as a surprise that so many of the kids keep coming back. Unfortunately, time passes quickly and the club meeting is over. Now, they have to wait another 7 days until their next club meeting.

Kids lining up in front of the Children’s House.

Finally, the club meeting has started.

Claudia Nickel during circle time.

Pationate dancing with Sabine Oswald to the right.

Martina John with a group of younger girls.

Good times in four groups.

4 thoughts on “Kid’s Club

  1. Stoked to hear you guys are finally getting to go! One of my friends loves this area of the world and has had several deep experiences with Jesus in and around machu picchu. Keep me in the loop.


    • Todd, thanks so much. We are excited to go as well. Come visit, and if you and/or your wife ever get the itch to teach again we will need drama teachers in our school. God is doing a lot of great things in Peru, and we are glad to get to be a part. Send me a message on facebook with your email address and I will put you on our mailing list. – Will


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