Breakfast with Grover, Jana, and Teddi Pinson


The Pinsons are old friends of ours from Corpus Christi.  They are great people and are a great encouragement to us.  Grover was the pastor of our church, Windsor Park Baptist Church for the three years we lived in Corpus Christi, TX.  Grover and Jana Pinson arrived at Windsor Park around 2005, and Grover has been a faithful pastor to this body of Christ from a small beginning to a not so small current status.  When we joined the church in early 2006, there were no other young families at the church besides the Pinsons, and at first glance from my perspective, there was hardly anyone less than 60 years of age, with most seeming older than 70.  The total population was about 20.  Grover and Jana served this older remnant with enthusiasm and love.  Every week, Jana faithfully cooked Sunday lunch for the entire congregation.  This tradition of service and fellowship continues to this day.  Grover worked jobs outside the church to financially provide for his own family’s needs.  They have been a wonderful example of sacrificial servant leadership to us.  Because of Grover’s connections to the South Texas School of Christian Studies where he taught Masters levels classes he had many connections to young seminary students.  These students followed him to Windsor Park, serving the church with their training and enthusiasm.  Several ex-pastors have made their home in the church, finding it a place to rest from their life’s labors for Christ.  Over time many of the older members have died receiving their eternal reward, being replaced by younger families.  It is a special place, and we are glad to have been a part.  When we began raising support to do missions, this church is the first place we called.  They welcomed us with open arms, and we are glad to be back in a more active relationship with them.

1 thought on “Breakfast with Grover, Jana, and Teddi Pinson

  1. This short summary really does not do the Pinson’s justice. Their service is more remarkable than I made it sound. How do you summarize so much in a short post? They are great!


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